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Dr. Law's Leaping Lights began as an idea in 2008. After Dr. Law opened up her chiropractic practice in Warner Robins, GA, she decided that the landscape was too beautiful to leave alone at Christmas time so she went online in search of some Christmas light ideas. She quickly came across a video on youtube.com that was basically, AWESOME! A man in Utah named Richard Holdman, had created an amazing Christmas light show coordinated to music! Dr. Law was determined to discover how he did it and she spent hours researching the idea. After 2 years of research and trial & error, Dr. Law was ready to reveal her display to the public. Her display debuted in 2010 and received rave reviews.

Visitors can drive through the display at no charge and tune their radios to 89.9FM and watch the lights dance around perfectly coordinated to the music without ever having to get out of their cars.

Dr. Laws Leaping Lights will also be collecting donations for a charity that will be named before the lights begin.

Dr Law and her team at The Law Lights believe it is necessary for a community to have family entertainment and activities for all to enjoy. We believe that when you bring together the families of the community, you bring together the community as a family. Dr. Law's primary goal is to bring joy and happiness to all during the holiday season and to encourage others to contribute to raising community spirit.

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